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Get Smarketing working for you

on August 18, 2016

In our last blog, what is sales and marketing alignment, we shared with you the tools for starting on your journey with Smarketing. In this blog, I would like to share some best practices that will keep up the momentum and get Smarketing working...

What is Sales and Marketing Alignment?

on August 11, 2016

So, in our last blog, “Why you need to close the gap between sales and marketing”, we identified the disconnect between sales and marketing and highlighted the importance of collaboration between these departments. In this article we are going to...

Why you need to close the gap between sales and marketing.

on July 8, 2016

So in our previous blog we touched on why marketing is important to sales. It sounded simple right? But, if that was the case, everyone would be doing it, and doing it successfully…..

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen, too often there is a gap...

Why marketing is important to sales.

on June 22, 2016

In our previous blog, how the internet has changed sales, we discussed how the internet has become the medium in which your company and its products and services are now likely to be discovered and assessed by a potential buyer. The success of...

Why your sales team must change – because your target customers have!

on June 15, 2016

Simply put, it's  because your target customers have!

The hardest thing about selling today is that customers don’t need sales people they way they used to. Historically, sales people ‘had they keys to the kingdom’ because they possessed the...

How the internet has changed sales

on June 8, 2016

Even if you think you are not an internet guru, I am sure you will agree that it has changed the way in which society receives, retains and reacts to information across the globe.

Before the internet sales people ruled the purchasing game from...

Do You Know What Your Perfect Sales Lead Looks Like?

on May 11, 2016

Lucrative sales are based on smart marketing. Which, in turn, is based on effective lead generation. A classic mistake made when trying to generate sales leads is to use a scattergun approach, firing the same content out to all prospects within...

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