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About Vividfish

We have been delivering web based solutions since 1997, everything from website to CRM systems, email marketing to SEO, all aimed at delivering a competitive advantage for our customers.

Inbound Marketing Agency and Hubspot Partner.

With offices in Hull and Hope, close to Sheffield, and a team of highly skilled inbound marketers and programmers, we are dedicated to creating digital marketing campaigns that are flexible, efficient and offer a great return.

Our mission is to retain customer loyalty through unmatchable service, a transparent working relationship, excellent client care and campaigns that adapt to the needs of each client to deliver measurable results.

Vivid Fish is a UK Hubspot partner. HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. We work as a Hubspot partner because it provides a single platform that both our personnel and customers understand and can use to maximum effect. It allows micro management of campaigns and real time management to maximise performance.


Meet Our Team

Inbound marketing agency staff

Paul Richardson

Multi-skilled marketing specialist Paul has been involved with web development since the very early days of the internet. Since establishing Vividfish in 1997, he's been an integral part of hundreds of web based projects and campaigns, from strategy to deployment and all points in between.

Inbound marketing agency staff

Kevin Horler

Kevin is Vividfish's resident networker, organiser and project manager. Planning, budgeting and herding the rest of the creative and technical team, Kevin makes sure that all of our projects are delivered on time, on budget and on brief.

Inbound marketing agency staff

Nigel Livesey

Technical wizard and expert problem solver Nigel has been working with computers since the late ‘60s and has a real knack for system design, analysis and web development. There are few challenges that Nigel hasn't seen in his long career in technology, which means he often has solutions when others may be confounded.

Inbound marketing agency staff

David Ruder

Wordsmith extraordinaire, David is a master at turning a phrase, whether it's for features, blogs, articles, web news, emails, there is no limit to his ability to create compelling prose. With an innate ability to deliver crisp and readable copy, David is the backbone of our written content.

Inbound marketing agency staff

Louise Charles

Social media is Louise's natural habitat. Proficient and efficient in generating engagement through the use of all social media platforms, Louise is able to manage and deliver captivating campaigns. With an enthusiasm for measurable outcomes, Louise's social media output has measurable results.


Lucy Marsden

Lucy's multidisciplinary role sees her working across the board from developing website content to researching information for blog posts. Dilligent and efficient, Lucy monitors our website performance systems, making sure everything is working just as it should be.

Inbound marketing agency staff

Lorraine Wood

In charge of how things look, Lorraine leads on design and creativity, producing unique visual assets and styling of the resources used. Lorraine ensures that branding remains consistent with an organisation whilst adding her own twist of creativity to make campaigns sparkle.