December 17, 2015

5 Top Tips for B2B Social Media

Out of countless forms of business promotion, social media has become an absolute essential. Whilst you’ll have many people following you because they like your brand and how you communicate, many of them will also be potential customers and representatives of companies that you want to do business with. However, it’s not a case of you simply joining Facebook and everyone flocks to you, so here are our tips on what needs to be done to make B2B social media work effectively long-term.

Use video well

A statistic that really got our attention is that more than 80% of senior executives watch more online video today than they did a year ago. As well as increasing in presence, video marketing is also evolving in structure due to developments such as Facebook video, Instagram advertising and Snapchat Stories. Whilst websites the likes of YouTube have always been popular, videos are now viewed just as much on social media platforms due to the ability to upload them directly. By creating high quality, digestible and useful video content and sharing it socially, your brand can disseminate messages through just a few seconds of viewing.

Drive traffic through content

Content marketing isn’t going away anytime soon and is only set to grow over the coming years. Your customers want to read and view content that will inspire them and make their own business flourish, so we recommend offering a range of informative blog posts, thought-provoking videos, engaging infographics and downloadable resources. The idea is that you share just enough insight to help other businesses, but not enough to make your services superfluous. Naturally, all of your content should be branded and include a call to action, which when regularly shared through your social channels will set you aside as a thought leader worth following.

Share their news

Updates are posted by all types of businesses, many of which forget that social isn’t all about them. Make a list of companies that you want to forge a connection with, then share news from their own website and any PR that they receive in the press, tagging them in. Whilst presenting your followers with something interesting to read, it will also prompt the potential client to visit your website and get in contact with you. Similarly, share good news about existing clients, as this will benefit their brand and keep your relationship strong.

Be part of the community

Use social media to talk about upcoming events, local news, industry updates, charity activity and anything else that shows your support of the world around you. If you just use your channels for one thing, people could get bored and unfollow you, plus the chance of interacting and forming a new business partnership is dramatically reduced. Think of social media as a networking event, in that a company also needs to show that it’s part of the community in order to gain trust and spark interest.

Invest wisely and continually

Even the most active, captivating and intelligent social media accounts can reach a plateau or even slump through no fault of their own. With more and more businesses on social, it becomes harder to be seen in the crowd and heard over the noise. This is where social media advertising comes in, helping to boost your reach and draw attention to your brand. Rather than piling all of your budget into one campaign, spread it over the year and split between gaining more followers and promoting content that you think they’ll find beneficial.

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