March 14, 2018

Jumping through hoops!

gdpr-1We've seen many people posting all manner of things regarding GDPR. How it can be 'managed' in order to allow the status quo, what appears to be a quest for cracks through which to slide, and a determination to keep doing what the ICO really doesn't want us to do.

We agree wholeheartedly with Elizabeth Denham's keynote speech, screened at the Direct Marketing Association's Data Protection 2018 event, Friday 23 February in London. And, especially with this sentiment: 

"That means electronic marketing will require consent. Yes, there is potential to use legitimate interests as a legal basis for processing in some circumstances, but you must be confident that you can rely on it.

It seems to me that a lot of energy and effort is being spent on trying to find a way to avoid consent. That energy and effort would be much better spent establishing informed, active, unambiguous consent.

You say you will lose customers. I say you will have better engagement with them and be better able to direct more targeted marketing to them. You will have complete confidence that your customers have given informed consent."

A fully consenting audience, that has given their permission to receive your marketing is an open door that only needs to be stepped through. Surely it is easier to push against an open door than take on the task of Sisyphus?

Here is a link to the entire speech: DMA Data Protection 2018

GDPR for marketers