Blogging: What should we write about?

Kevin Horler
Post by Kevin Horler
January 26, 2016
Blogging: What should we write about?

This is an excellent question because thinking up new topics on a regular basis can be difficult. Making the content accessible and worth reading can prove even harder, and getting people to visit regularly without any prodding is the biggest challenge of all. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and suggestions, which you can treat as a pick ‘n’ mix or implement in their entirety over a prolonged period. Happy blogging!


Let’s start with one that we specialise in. As you’ve no doubt guessed from this post, we enjoy answering people’s questions and helping them to get more from their business. But rather than just choosing a topic willy-nilly, take a look through enquiries you’ve received via email and social media, or during client meetings and networking sessions. Cover the most commonly asked questions first, writing a post for each one to create a bank of useful evergreen content. If you start running low on obvious focus areas, use your initiative and help others to excel through your specialist knowledge.


If you can demonstrate that you not only keep your finger on the pulse but also know what each beat means, you’ll set yourself aside as a thought leader. Try to stick to your key sectors and disciplines (e.g. financial advice, retail updates, new motoring laws) but also dip your toe into different waters now and then, as this will benefit you as well as your readers.

Integrate videos

This is a bit of a cheat but works really well. If you want to create a quick piece of content, embed a video into a blog post and add a short write-up on why you find it useful or entertaining. If it’s a video that has been filmed for your company, such as a staff interview or coverage of an event, even better.

Agree to disagree

If you have a different standpoint on an industry topic that’s receiving a lot of coverage or has always been accepted as gospel truth, stir things up a bit by voicing your opinion. As long as it’s delivered with respect, logic, detail and actionable wisdom, it could have a large positive impact.

Feature clients and businesses

Even if you have tons to talk about, don’t just focus on yourself. Giving your favourite clients a plug provides them with a little added value, and you can even raise awareness of businesses that don’t currently use you. We say “currently” because this often proves a great way of getting their attention and striking up new professional relationships, especially if you tag them on social media with a link to the post.

Gather data and viewpoints

Adding polls and short surveys to a blog post (direct embedding or via links) is effective for getting people involved in mutually relevant topics. Whilst they feel satisfied from having an input, you can use this data to create infographics and videos as well as a future blog post that shares the results. It’s also an ideal method of collecting email addresses for your email campaigns, which can direct people to your blog. It’s all part of the beautiful cyclical nature of content marketing.

Review something

Whether it’s a book, movie, restaurant or shop, reviews grab attention and motivate people to try different things. Providing you choose subject matter that you believe your blog audience will relate to, you’ll help them to discover new experiences whilst remembering your brand as a key source for recommendation and advice.

Share the past; celebrate the present; describe the future

Your blog is an ideal place to give information about your origins and philosophy, talk about current wins and exciting updates, and give insight into what your company has in store over the next year or so. Invite your audience to become part of the action and you’ll turn followers into advocates and readers into believers.

Are you still struggling with what to write about? Why not get in touch on 0800 998 7502, we can help with planning, strategy and even copy writing.

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Kevin Horler
Post by Kevin Horler
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