February 23, 2016

7 Simple Lead Generation Tips

Whilst you will undoubtedly receive some business as a result of SEO, social media campaigns and other marketing activity, many prospective customers will either shy away due to lack of information or never come across your company in the first place. Lead generation is when a business initiates consumer interest by delivering content directly to them in their natural environment, facilitating information exchange and inviting enquiries. Below are our top seven tips on how to create a solid lead generation strategy.

Buying personas

Take a look at our guide on why buying personas are so important. Before you go out there searching for leads, you must first understand what they look like.

Relevant content

Not only relevant, but is it also landing in the right place at the right time, and in the right format? If you’re putting all of your efforts into an infographic delivered via Facebook adverts on a weekend when your audience is more likely to respond to a video embedded in an email received on a Wednesday afternoon, there’s no wonder that those leads aren’t appearing as quickly as you thought they would.

Calls to action

Everything you create should have a CTA, from your email campaigns and PPC advertising to your blog posts and social media activity. Without a call to action, where are you leading your leads?

Don’t make it obvious what you’re doing

If you’re trying to generate leads through social media, make the social media natural and engaging rather than pushy and sales-orientated. If you’re using blog posts, make them insightful and shareworthy rather than blatant tools for data capture. The best kind of content is valuable in itself, which will then result in your objective being met in a more natural way.

Stick to your guns

Do everything you can to achieve goals within set timeframes. If instead you take a cavalier attitude toward your lead generation, you’ll succeed in generating nothing

Look at it from their perspective

Yes, you have something to sell, but the fundamental question is why should they buy it? If you’re trying to generate leads from pools of buyers who don’t need to buy anything you provide, you’ll find that’s exactly what will happen.

Move them along the funnel

Once you’ve generated a lead and added them to your CRM, don’t leave them to go cold. Lead nurturing is essential to moving individuals along on their buying journey, encouraging them to become customers without coming across as aggressive or desperate. If you have a lead, chances are that they’re at least slightly interested in buying, so do everything you can to educate, build trust and open up two-way communication.

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