11 Blogs Every Marketing Manager Should Read

Kevin Horler
Post by Kevin Horler
January 12, 2016
11 Blogs Every Marketing Manager Should Read

If you’re reading this, you clearly have good taste in marketing blogs. However, as much as we appreciate your visit, we also pride ourselves on recommending other sources of knowledge, experience and wisdom. Below are 11 blogs that every marketing manager will find invaluable.

The Drum

You may already read The Drum, as it’s a major provider of news for the marketing and media industries. However, are you making full use of the Opinion section? With business leaders taking free reign over what they say without restraint, it can prove quite the eye-opener.


Though this blog obviously talks about its own services a fair bit, you can learn a lot from its team of email marketing experts. With methods of accessing and interacting with email campaigns changing practically by the day, it’s well worth checking in regularly to keep on top of trends.


Like print? You’ll love Moo. Highly visual, innovative, fun and passionate about branding, one of the UK’s largest stationery printers is also a fountainhead of trailblazing design and new technologies, such as NFC business cards.

Content Marketing Institute

Direct from the organisation that’s 100% dedicated to tracking, sharing and evolving the process of content marketing, this site presents an abundance of actionable advice and resources.

The Management Blog

Part of Bloomberg Business, we suggest visiting daily to access articles on management developments across all sectors, written by top entrepreneurs and corporate gurus.


This site is all about inbound strategy. Focusing its core ideologies into Marketing, Sales and Agency, each one then splits into a multitude of subcategories, from A/B Testing to Networking to Client Services.

Trans2 Performance

Committed to helping organisations to increase productivity and drive business growth, the Trans2 Performance blog shares advice on leadership, management and sales execution, with topics including customer service, presentation delivery and the power of body language.

The Marketing Donut

This business blog adopts a wide-ranging approach, from old school marketing techniques, to applying mindfulness in the workplace. With a variety of categories, including market research and customer care, it’s a great place to get the whole shebang if your time is limited.

Occam’s Razor

Named after the problem-solving principle that assumptions should be kept to a minimum, this blog is passionate about data, content and measurable outcomes. The author, Avinash Kaushik, is a successful author and public speaker, revolving his work primarily around web analytics.

The Content Strategist

An eye-catching and incredibly useful bank of digital insight, filled with up-to-the-minute information on content marketing patterns and applications.

Brain Pickings

This one’s a bit different. Maria Popova is the sole writer of an extremely popular source of inspiration, creativity and lateral thinking. Though not a marketing blog, the site offers food for thought on art, literature, culture, society, science, psychology and numerous other themes, which is an excellent way to keep your mind active, open and inventive.

Have we missed a particular favourite of your out? why not let us know below.

Kevin Horler
Post by Kevin Horler
January 12, 2016