CRM and automated sales & marketing

Your CRM - the beating heart of your sales and marketing

In today's hectic commercial environment, automating marketing and sales processes using a fully functional CRM system allows you to spend more time closing sales and managing your business.

Having all of your contact information in one place, be it prospects or customers, and recording all interactions, from the moment of their first touch point in the sales cycle to the moment they become customers and beyond, puts you in control.

Here at Vividfish, we have a CRM system that integrates your contact data with sales and marketing and fully automates the processes.

Providing the lifeblood of your business - new opportunities.

  • Full function access available out of the box

  • No additional cost for additional contacts

  • Set up ready for you to start marketing

  • Trackable email and social media

  • Fully featured marketing & sales automation

  • Fully supported 


A CRM system to hold your contact data

MyCRMHub can hold all the data needed for your contacts - prospects, customers, suppliers, etc. - and keep track of all the interactions you and your business have with each of them. It becomes your business's control panel.

The ability to tag contacts, sort them, and target each one individually or in groups means you can see quickly and easily how each relationship is developing as they move from initial enquiry through to loyal customer.

Marketing & sales automation

MyCRMHub has the ability hold and execute automated marketing campaigns that can run over days, weeks and months. Prospecting your data to bring leads and enquiries, pre-qualified, into your sales funnel.

Whether by email outreach, social media, content marketing, PPC, boosted posts or even face-to-face tactics, MyCRMHub can capture, process, and run an automated nurturing programme, moving them from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead.

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