October 23, 2018

We’re standing up at the Old Truman Brewery!

Two of the Vividfish Team will be standing around at Event Tech Live on 7 & 8 November on stand T1 /416 at the Old Truman Brewery, keen as mustard to talk to any event business that wants to generate self qualified, compliant and hot to trot, sales leads.

They will be happy to talk about the changing face of website development with the advent of Growth Driven Design (GDD), a process that builds the website based upon visitor behaviours and which flattens out the existing ramped up investment cycle at the start of the website lifecycle.

Or, you might want to discuss how you can get to grips with generating a steady flow of self qualified sales leads by using inbound marketing and how they are also GDPR compliant.

They will also be delighted to talk about getting your digital and inbound marketing programmes planned and ready to roll using our Inbound Marketing Kickstarter, a package of support that gets all of the hard work done, leaving you free to implement the campaigns and reap the rewards.

So, if any of those things sound interesting, head on over to standT1 /416 at Event Tech Live and let’s have a chat.