December 10, 2018

A free CRM and digital marketing platform for ESSA members!

If we were to say that you could have a free CRM and digital marketing platform up, it can be set up and ready for you to use for just the cost of a half a day’s support and, from then it’s free, and free forever, no catches, just a nifty way to manage your digital marketing, sales leads and data (GDPR compliance built in too!!) would you be interested?

If that sounds too good to be true let us reassure you, it’s not. We’ve been working with inbound marketing platforms for over 4 years, we are a partner agency with HubSpot and we can help you to get up, running, and delivering amazing marketing campaigns, tracking leads, monitoring sales and managing all of the critical data that drives a business.We believe that every event, exhibition and conference business should handle and manage its data properly, that's why we love CRM systems. More specifically we love the HubSpot CRM system. We love it even more when we can connect it up to another piece of HubSpot software that connects your online marketing with the CRM, for total traceability across marketing and sales.

So what’s in this offer? Well it’s HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing Free. Yeah, we know. What on earth are those? Here’s a brief description of what’s in each one:

Contact management, manage all of the touchpoints of your contacts in one place.

Company records, a fully detailed database of all company records, you can associate contacts and deals to companies. Data enrichment capability allows you to build a hollistic view of all client contact.

Email tracking, you can connect to G-Suite (google apps)/Office 365/Outlook on Windows (with extra plug in) to send all outbound emails from the CRM which allows you to track delivery, opens and click through performance. All of this is automatically tagged to the contact record.

Data capture forms, both a pop-up lead flow style form and a static, standard contact form type. The pop up form slides in with an offer, visitors fill in the fields, click the button and they then in your marketing system. These lead generation forms will all retro fit any website, they can deliver engagement and leads straight away (assuming you already have the traffic visiting your website). The static forms can replace forms that exist on your website already, and they can then feed into the CRM for seamless data capture, opt-in and validation.

The CRM system will show you the last 7 days activity of the contacts in your CRM and how they are engaging with your website. Providing you with valuable insight about your website visitors and how your website is engaging with them and if it is working as you had expected.

Social Media Advertising lead generation, the package includes Facebook and Instagram ad integration which means you can push leads directly from Facebook and Instagram into the CRM. By using native forms and buttons and data is exchanged between the social media channels and your CRM generating leads.

Lead Nurturing, within the HubSpot CRM there is everything you need to organise, track, and nurture your leads and customers, multiple users once they have been captured. Your sales team wants to sell – not fight with messy spreadsheets, cluttered inboxes, or clunky tools that slow them down. HubSpot CRM automates the tasks salespeople hate and takes minutes to learn – not months. That means doing more deals and less data entry. Plus, interactions are tracked automatically and deals are displayed on one dashboard for total visibility without added work.

A huge number of contacts and seats, you can enjoy up to 1,000,000 contacts, users, and storage without any expiry date – whether you're a team of 1 or 1,000.

Live Engagement, there’s a live chat facility as standard that allows you to respond to prospects and engage with them in real time.

Lead qualification bots are a hot topic and they are also included, these are pre programmed bots that follow a simple logic sequence to automatically steer and guide visitors to the right content.

Deals pipeline, you can associate deals with individuals and companies, then track the value of what you have quoted through to win / loss, helping you manage your sales pipeline and gain insight into your conversion rates.

Email scheduling, the G-Suite and Office 365 integration allows unlimited one to one email scheduling to contacts, it helps manage GDPR compliance by logging the lawful basis for contact.

Five Email Templates, essentially a suite of standardised emails for sales follow up that can be triggered to move a prospect along the sales funnel.

Five Sales Document Tracking, track the open rates, reading time of up to 5 pieces of online collateral, identify which pages have been looked at by most prospects to refine your marketing efforts.

Meeting management, a personal meeting link to set up a meeting or to book a telephone call, it hooks into G-Suite and Office 365 with the facility to show only the time you want to be available in your online diary.

Task Management - set up tasks to follow up post sales call, etc - these can have auto prompts, and can be assigned to a third party.

Reporting - including new contact numbers, emails deals won, deals lost, marketing reporting - best marketing lead generators, conversions, best web pages for engagement, and more.

So, by now you're asking yourself “What's in it for these guys?” It's really simple, we want to work with customers who are serious about their digital marketing, that starts with data and managing their customer relationships. HubSpot is an expandable platform with marketing and sales components available to take your online marketing to new levels. A quick example, we have used them to take a business start up from having a sales pipeline of £0 to £9m in a year, reaching a turnover of £6m in the same period. We would love to do something similar for ESSA members.The only cost is a half day to set up the system and hand over the controls to you, and that wings in at just £295.00 + VAT

Not everyone will want to take up this free offer, not everyone will want to drive their business through HubSpot, not everyone will recognise this opportunity and the need to work with an experienced inbound agency to fast track their lead generation, but if a few do then we definitely want to work with you.

Still not convinced? Then click this link, fill in the form, book a time and we will give you a personal, one to one, webex tour through the HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing Free, we’ll also explain how it can be used to turn your website into a sales lead generating engine and turn your marketing into fuel to power it.

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