Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is an amazing tool in the armoury of any marketing department, it has been deployed by some of the best performing, web businesses, worldwide.

One example would be Amazon, the online retailler, that has taken marketing automation from a tactic to an artform in terms of personalisation of content. It delivers useful content to it's prospects and customers based upon predetermined behaviours, likes and dislikes.

How does marketing automation work

How does marketing automation work?

Marketing automation is not a magic bullet, it's not a quick-fix, nor is it easy to deploy. But the rewards for careful planning and precise execution of a campaign can be exceptional.

The whole process is based around the concept of lead nurturing, in the same way that you may tend a seedling, turning it into a fruit bearing plant over time, it takes time and a little effort.

It requires a high quality seedbank (prospects), a rich growing medium (your content) and the skill to know when the fruit is ripe to be picked (sales).

Do I need marketing automation

Is marketing automation right for me?

Marketing automation works for organisations of all types, it works on the principle that small tasks that move the prospect along the sales funnel can be made to happen automatically depending upon the behaviour of the prospect and where they are on the buyers journey.

If your prospects need time to understand the benefits of using your products and services, then marketing automation can help. It can also make personalising the experience for the prospect much easier, something that also helps them move down the sales funnel.

If you want to cultivate a rich crop of sales leads that are ready to convert then perhaps we should be talking about how marketing automation can help.

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