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The Inbound Kickstarter


The Inbound Kickstarter is a 3 month programme. It is intended to assist those companies with the intention, and capacity, to run their own inbound marketing campaigns but do not have sufficient resources available to undertake them. Kickstarter includes all the detailed prep work required to make inbound marketing deliver the desired results

After the 3 month programme there is an option to retain our expertise to advise, support and assist you to make sure that the momentum is maintained, and to help out through any busy periods. If this sounds like it could make a difference, then read on.

Research & Deep Diving

No campaign will achieve its best results without being based upon diligent and sound research, and research takes time and effort.

We will spend time with you and take a deep dive into your company, your markets and your marketing channels.

We will research your customers, lost customers and key influencers. All of this will form the basis of the forthcoming campaign.



The Inbound Kickstarter has been designed to provide all of the materials required to overcome the inertia of getting rolling.
So, our commitment is to ensure that at the end of the process you will have a fully implementable inbound marketing campaign.

The Inbound Kickstarter begins with a full day with your team during which time we will undertake the first part of the process. During the 3 month programme there will be half day sessions every 2 weeks to ensure that the Inbound Kickstarter hits its critical milestones.


Website and social media audit

A 12 week, detailed inbound marketing plan

Plotting the optimum buyer journey

Up to 12 fully developed buyer personas

Identification of buyer persona pain points

24 blog post outlines ready for you to flesh out and share

Develop a content creation road map

2 Premium awareness content offer plans

2 Consider content offer plans

2 Decision content offer plans

Social promotion campaign outline

Workflow development

Email automation topics

Social media campaign plan and sequencing

Software recommendations

Website site architecture revisions to maximise effective inbound marketing

Website landing page strategy, tactics and design ideas

User testing sessions

Client interviews

Client polls and surveys

Site heat mapping and analytic reporting and interpretation

The order in which the above are delivered is determined by the findings of the deep dive research that is undertaken at the start of the exercise.

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