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Does your sales team need more qualified leads?

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One of the challenges faced by many marketing teams is the delivery of a steady stream of leads to a sales team.  Our tried and tested weapons of choice are becoming less and less effective as the customer takes control of the buying process, engaging far later and arriving at the sales negotiation having already done their research on products, services and the company.

If your organisation is not engaging with the prospective customer early in the research process then there is a good chance you won't make the shortlist. There are new techniques in the marketing arsenal that can make sure you are in front of the prospective customer at the right time, and inbound marketing is key.

This introductory guide to Inbound Marketing will give you a great understanding of the essentials:

  • Learn about the inbound methodology.
  • See the inbound buyers journey.
  • Understand how inbound and SEO fit hand in hand.
  • Discover how to attract prospects on social media.
  • Find out what to look for in an ideal Inbound partner.


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