Inbound Marketing

what is inbound marketing

what is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of acquiring sales leads and prospects who are ready to buy, who know your company and its products or services, and who have given you permission to market and sell to them.

It is a blend of content marketing, SEO, social media and lead nurturing that makes every lead a hot prospect, saving time, increasing conversion rates and increased ROI.

It is a long term, sustainable way to build a steady stream of sales leads for your business.

how does inbound marketing work?

How does inbound marketing work?

Inbound marketing works by aligning your business' products and services with the needs of your prospects. This is done by building precise buyer personas and then creating and publishing content that helps them to overcome the problems they are facing every day.

Sharing the content across the internet makes it available for them to download in exchange for a small amount of data. By doing regularly you build empathy and trust between your business and the prospect.

You will take your prospect on a journey that will start with them as a stranger and turn them into a customer and, finally, into an advocate.


is inbound marketing right for you

Is Inbound marketing right for your business?

Inbound marketing works best for businesses that have a products and services that require a considered buying process, and where the annual value of a customer is in excess of £5000.

If the value of a single transaction with a customer is over £2500 then inbound marketing could provide you with a stream of self qualified sales leads.

Inbound marketing can also play a major part in delivering sales leads that conform to GDPR regulations as they currently stand.

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