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What is the Hubspot COS

what is hubspot cos?

HubSpot COS is the perfect platform from which to manage all of your online marketing. Everything is in one place and very easy to use.

No more swapping between disconnected content and marketing tools, multiple log-ins, no cross tracking, just everything managed from one dashboard.

Because it's integrated you can use HubSpot COS to create and edit everything from blogs to landing pages, from social media to web pages. It really is the most comprehensive platform for managing your digital marketing.

And, it not only allows you to create and deploy your content, it also tracks and monitors the performance of your content through the same platform.

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Optimised content - not so hard!

HubSpot's technical capabilities ensure that all of your web content is optimised as fully as possible.

Your website content is instantly responsive and attuned to all devices - desktop, tablet or mobile. It has SSL built in making your content a secure browing environment aiding better search engine rankings. Optimisation tools are built into ensure that your content carries the appropriate search terms.

With the inbuilt features of HubSpot it is easy to add calls to action into any content, helping you to convert visitors into self qualified sales leads.

Contnet personalisation with Hubspot COS

Getting personal!

Everyone prefers personalised content, it delivers a better user experience.

HubSpot allows personalisation down to the finest level, tailoring content based upon criteria such as location, source, device, language, or by any detail that is stored in your HubSpot contacts database. or in HubSpot's free CRM system.

It can even base the personalisation on the level of interraction with the brand itself.

Monitoring all of this is HubSpot's smart contents insights which shows you information about who has visited your pages which, in turn, allows even greater personalisation.

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