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Search Engines rely on many factors to rank your website. The Vividfish WebAuditor is a website SEO audit that reviews these critical factors, it then identifies any problems that could be preventing your website to achieve its full SEO potential. These are the things that your competitor's websites will be getting right if they appear ahead of you in a search using a search engine such as Google.

Additionally, our WebAuditor will provide a clear, actionable, and prioritised list of recommendations to help improve your site. This means that you can have an informed discussion with your current or future website developer.


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Your website is a 24 hour selling machine that is working for you all day every day. The research stats above show just how important your website should be to your marketing, your sales and your business. A website is like a high performance car, it requires maintenance, tuning and monitoring if it is to perform at its best. Our WebAuditor provides you with the essential information to help you ensure that your website is a top performer.

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