Inbound for Exhibitions

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Inbound marketing - making exhibitions work

A successful exhibition requires a number of things to make it happen, but most of all it needs exhibitors and visitors.

The arrival of GDPR in May 2018 will change the way organisers, venues and contractors will be able to market to these audiences. The usual cycle of promote to exhibitors and then visitors using email and telesales will have a new level of complexity added, the need for those prospects to have given permission for you to market to them, in a double opt-in approach, and for this to be recorded and evidenced.

Whether you are a venue marketing to organisers, organisers marketing to exhibitors and visitors, or a contractor marketing to organisers and exhibitors, the same rules apply. 

We have been working in the exhibition sector since 1997, if you want to move across to a more effective, compliant system of marketing, we can help.

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