Content Marketing

content marketing

traditional marketing methods no longer working!

Consumers have closed their minds to the traditional methods of marketing. Technology allows them to opt in or out of seeing advertising and receiving emails, ad blockers make online advertising pointless, very few cannot spot a sponsored link or paid for position in search results.

Content marketing is the subtle art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling.

how does content marketing work

How does Content Marketing work?

Rather than traditional disruptive forms of marketing content marketing takes a more strategic approach to the task of generating customers. It focuses on creating and distributing content that prospects find valuable and relevant, and in a consistent manner, to build and retain a highly targeted audience.

It has three core principles:

1. Communicate with your customers and prospects without selling.

2. Deliver information that makes your buyer better informed.

3. Reap the reward for sharing this intelligence with the loyalty and business of both customers & prospects.

Content can take many forms – white papers, ebooks, videos, blogs, handbooks, how-to guides, the list is almost endless.

is content marketing for you?

Are you ready for content marketing?

You are ready for content marketing if your organisation has the ability and willingness to share its knowledge with its prospects.

And, there is a commitment to start and maintain this sharing of information. There is quite a lot of groundwork to be done before you begin to share so it will not be a quick fix to a low volume of sales leads.

However, the leads you do generate will be in a much closer position to buy, they will have confidence in yourbusiness and its products. It will also help support existing customers and build affinity and loyalty.

If this sounds like you, we should be talking!

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